Totoo bang Federalism ang peg ngayon ng maraming Filipino?

Things to know about Federalism: Para naman di Tayo Eengot-engot at Basta lang "Mayma" sa Social Media Federalism as a form of government for the Philippines was endorsed as early as Emilio Aguinaldo and Apolinario Mabini. The initial goal was to make the Philippines politically divided into three federal states, i.e. Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. … Continue reading Totoo bang Federalism ang peg ngayon ng maraming Filipino?

Philippine Internet Service

Its a call. Sad to say. Mr. Alibaba himself, China's second richest man, Mr. Jack Ma expressed his disappointment over the Philippines slow internet speed. In his speech during his visit at the De La Salle University on October 25, 2017, Ma urged the government to improve the speed of the internet in the Philippines which … Continue reading Philippine Internet Service

Project Android 1

Project Android 1 (PA1) is a data collection project and data analysis of first hand and second hand information on the initiatives of various stakeholders in the Philippines. Data collection shall be done using mid-range to high-range Android phones which will be pre-installed with free versions of data-gathering apps from the Playstore.

Building Bridges Breaking walls

Somewhere in 2010 I have worked with an NGO for chuldren with disabilitiea. Inclusive education is one of our advocacies then. Meet Adong and know his struggles and triumphs prior to being given the opportunity to study in formal school.

Ways to become responsible social media users in an era of fake news

Social media as we all know has became an outlet of ourselves. Interestingly, most people tend to treat social media as real circumstance in life; a medium of interaction where exchanges in information, knowledge and feeling is done almost instantaneously and automatically. Much more, this has become the major medium of sharing even the minutest aspect of our lives, giving ourselves that ultimate freedom and power to express what we really want to say and shout…..the hell society cares!