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Kumusta kayong lahat? Ako si Malayang Juan o Juang Malaya. Actually, ang apelyido ko talaga Malaya, kaya mas totoo sana na ang pangalan ko ay Juan Malaya. Hindi ko alam bakit naging Malayang Juan ang pangalan ko. Siguro, nagkataon na nung panahon na nagpipirma ng birthcertificate ko si Amang, dala na rin marahil sa gutom at pagod sa pangungutang ng ipambabayad sa ospital, nag-fill up siya ng birth certificate form ng baligtad ang papel, o kaya siya ang nakabaligtad habang pumipirma.

Anyway, ako si Malayang Juan, kahit hindi naman talaga malaya. Ikaw ba naman ang maghirap ng kung ilan taon dahil sa kawalan ng trabaho at kakaunting sahod. Hindi ka rin malaya kapag nagtrabaho ka ng matagal, tapos babaratin at babalasubasin ka pa sa workplace mo. Kaya hindi na ako nakatiis noon sa trabaho ko, sabi ko, sobra na ito, magtintinda na lang ako ng kamote. Gumawa ako ng resignation letter para ipasa sa boss ko. Ang problema, hindi ako marunong gumawa, kaya eto, ipinaskil ko na dito;

December something, 2011

The National Coordinator


Hi Pepe Smith and Wesson,

First of all, Id like to greet you and those who could read this a meaningful Christmas, remembering not only the things that could be bought by a deducted 13th month pay annuity, but remembering also the true spirit of this season, that is, the virtue of humility, forgiveness and love, even to oppressors and manipulators.

I would like to formally tender my irrevocable resignation effective today.  Being a helpless witness with the sudden resignations of my colleagues, and even my immediate superior, my National Coordinator, I came to think and asked myself of the vulnerabilities inside the BALATUBA office.  I keep on asking myself if there is something in me that forces my co-workers to resign? But the remarks of my co-workers, the team are heart-warming and vindicating, as they too believe in my compassion to pursue the delivery of the IE program components.

But I will stop quoting positive statements of my staff about me, I know, it would be lip-serving. Perhaps, we have to talk to other people who really know me, the people that I have ate with, I have dreamt with, I have hoped with. I know that you know that it is not proper and effective to define a person with adjectives and noun coming only from one vantage point. Perhaps McLuhan is not effective in saying that the “medium is the message”.

You know Pepe Smith and Wesson that I have been silent, and kept on being silent on issues that require high-profile discussions with regards to governance, even if it will affect the program staff. This is because I know, I have to observe protocol, especially when the discussion and communication is obviously for the eyes of the BOARD only, or for the eyes of DISTANT BOSSES ABROAD. I have never, in my whole stint in the organization, air my insights and thoughts with regards to the welfare of the staff, without consulting it to you. For my 5 years of stay, I always looked upon you and have always asked you to please air our concerns. I have never personally emailed them of any concerns which I am telling you from my second year in BALATUBA1 until now. For the past five years, I have always asked you the following questions;

  • Were the salaries of our staff equitably distributed? Will these salaries be enough to sustain and feed their families?
  • Do we need to give them fringe benefits like SSS, Philhealth, hazard pay, overtime pay, rewards for good performance, and other benefits as mandated by the Philippine Labor Code?
  • Is the fluidity of program funds really transparent? Do we really know who disburses our funds, aside from what the program team knows?
  • Are the budget expense declarations concise?
  • Is the organization policy responsive to the organization itself and to the staff? Was it agreed upon in consensus?
  • Who should really manage us? This I will have a statement, that you should do that, as you have positively and gainfully done for the past four years. Here, I have to commend you for training me, and most of the staff to effectively deliver program objectives.
  • What is the difference between program management and program monitoring? Are they interchangeable or not?  You are my immediate superior I know, but who is my not-so-immediate superior?
  • Is it proper to disclose program information without the prior consent of the program head? Are personalities higher than you authorized to extract sensitive information of a staff without your approval? Have you approved extraction of information of a staff, without the concerned staff’s knowledge?
  • What is the difference of salary deduction and unnotified annuity deduction?

You know Pepe Smith and Wesson, that I have always asked you to please stand with us, you colleagues, your immediate partners, your countrymen, that by the end of the day, we hope that you will gain the fruits of our labors or suffer also the consequences spawned by our efforts to pursue genuine staff dignity. By this point, I know and I believe that you did it. I am thankful for that.

I would like to thank you for your continued training on how to work pro-actively. Until now, I know that you are still teaching me how to be pro-active. And yes I am still struggling to learn that. But with the present condition in our office, I am sorry that still have to unlearn that. I cannot be pro-active if I am still asking these questions:

  • Are there personalities intervening in our program implementations?
  • Are there program staff being brainwashed and lured with opportunities to sell their co-workers leading to the latter’s professional deterioration?
  • Are there staff being tried by publicity? Heresy

I will have to admit this to you that there are personalities encouraging me to state negative statements against other people. People who are also making ways to underestimate me by wicked propaganda and false heresy. But I will not do that, that is not within my value system. I shall only thank them that for once, in my professional life, I have met and learned with them. And I will value these learnings so that wherever I may go, I shall be cautious on dealing with multi-faceted persons.

Again, I am thankful for the trainings and learnings that I have gained from the Inclusive Education program.

I pray and hope that the institution, the BALATUBA and all the personas working with and within, will have the greatest time in pursuing the cause of the sector of persons with disabilities, WITHOUT PAYBACKS POISONING THEIR HEARTS.

Love and Kisses,

Malayang Juan

Dito ko ginawa resignation letter. As in dito talaga, binuwal ko to at ginawa kong patungan ng yellow paper na susulatan ko.

Mga kaibigan, pakisabi naman kung tama pagkakagawa ko ng resignation letter na ito. Thanks, mwha, tsup tsup.



  1. Puwede ba mag-comment sa sarili? If ok lang, sige mag-cocomment ako. Hi sarili, ang galing mo naman, dati, wala pang nagko-comment sayo, ngayon, kinoment na kita. Naks, painom ka naman sarili, painomin mo ako. Sige, text text na lang tayo. Kaso later na lang, palod pa ako.

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